Bishop Otto Hines, Sr.

Bishop Otto Hines was born to Otto and Phyllis Hines in Washington, D.C. on December 24th. He received the Holy Ghost at the age of 13 and not long after, Bishop Hines began to understand the leading and the call of God upon his life. At the age of 18, he accepted the call to ministry where he served under Pastor Marie Brice at the Pentecostal Church of Deliverance. Seeing his faithfulness during this time, God called for him and as a result, he was elevated to Associate Minister, Elder, and later Assistant Pastor of the Atlanta branch of the Pentecostal Church of Deliverance. During this time of ministry; the sick were healed, people were delivered, and souls were set free.

Bishop Otto Hines

Through divine instruction, in August 1999, Pastor Hines was commissioned to begin another work. It was then on September 5, 1999 that Praise Temple of Deliverance Church officially opened its doors. Heeding the vision of a greater work; Pastor Hines initiated a change of the church’s name to Kingdom Building Worship Ministries. Knowing and consistently executing vision, Bishop Otto Hines Sr. serves happily and faithfully as the visionary, founder, and Pastor of Kingdom Building Worship Ministries in Decatur, Georgia.

Not soon after, God joined him with Apostle Robert L Vinson to serve as the District Elder of the Georgia Council of the Fellowship of Deliverance Churches (FODC). While affiliated with the FODC, the Lord pressed upon Bishop Hines a drive to counsel, mentor, and father God’s clergy and as a result, he was ordained into the Office of Bishop. Thereafter, he was appointed to serve as the Georgia State Bishop for the FODC. His passion and drive for excellence in ministry afforded him to serve as the 11th Episcopal District Diocesan Bishop under the prelate of Bishop Monroe Saunders Jr. This past appointment made him one of the youngest to serve on the Board of Bishops of the United Churches of Jesus Christ Apostolic.

Bishop Hines committed himself to becoming not just spiritually prepared but scripturally and collegially equipped and hence; Bishop Hines completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership and Administration from Beulah Heights University. He later went on to receive his Masters of Theological Studies and a Masters in Religious Studies from Liberty University. Not only has Bishop Hines taken advantage of the opportunity of education but he has joined the field to become an educationalist. He is the founder of the Kingdom School of Theology which is a thriving and growing biblical institution that effectively teaches and equips the believer to become an effective progenitor of market place ministry.

To fulfill the vision of holistic ministry; Bishop Hines serves as the founder and director of the Kingdom Community Development Center, a nonprofit 503(c) organization that empowers communities primarily through educational literacy. Endeavoring to do greater for the Kingdom, he is also the founder of Otto Hines Enterprises under which he has written his first manuscript entitled, “Why Women Act Out”; a book written to help heal the hearts of women emotionally. After more than 20 years in ministry, Bishop Hines now serves in ministry throughout the nation as well as within international borders.

Sharing more than 20 years, he is married to the only love of his life, Minister Towanda Hines. They have four beautiful children, one daughter in-law, and are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren. Preacher, author, and teacher; Bishop Otto Hines Sr. is a man of God who preaches the unadulterated Word with soundness and power.